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Does Your Home Need an Upgrade?

Choose us for home kitchen remodeling in Holland, OH

A home kitchen remodeling project will give you a chance to completely change the layout of your kitchen. You'll be able to add new features and give your space an entirely new look. Trust M and L Builders and Restoration LLC in Holland, OH to complete your home kitchen remodeling project according to your vision.

Count on us to:

Install new flooring
Complete all demolition safely
Take care of plumbing and electrical work

We'll follow your plans exactly to give you the result you're expecting. Contact us today to schedule our services.

Make your bathroom more comfortable

When you pick us as your bathroom remodel contractor, we can give you a spa-quality bathroom. Whether you want new countertops or more space, we're equipped to take care of it. You can also rely on us to remodel your basement or any other room in your home. Call us today at 419-349-4201 to talk to a bathroom remodel contractor.